The Hill People is a casual-hardcore, raiding guild on the PVE-Alleria server (CST). We're casual, because real life always comes first but hard-core in that we get serious when needed and we will clear all content. We are a guild of min/maxers who believe in playing hard and working hard. We are a progression guild with a focus on having a blast while clearing all content Blizzard throws at us, without interfering too much with real life.

The concept that progression guilds must have assholes in leadership, holier than thou children as raiders, or epeen contest holders as members is a concept we're proving wrong. We have a guild formed from friendships made in this game and outside this game and we go out of our way to make sure new members not only have the skills to excel at their toons, but fit in well with our people. Our 'hill' people.

THP is a guild where everyone carries their weight in a raid. It's also a guild where you won't want to log off ventrilo immediately after a raid cause 'business is done.' If you have some skills, have a life, and wanna game with some good people, check us out.

Warning: Adult humor inside.

Rated M for Mature.